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This article from the IICRC blog gives some great info for people in need of carpet repairs:

By the time carpet repairs are needed, the flooring in question is either losing its stability or looks like an eyesore. As carpeting ages, it has a tendency to separate from the subfloor, bunch up or begin to tear. Children, pets and lots of social gatherings can be especially rough, resulting in matting and stains setting in permanently. When these problems rear their heads, it will take professional help to get rid of them. With their heavy equipment and powerful cleaning solutions, a certified technician is prepared for nearly any situation they may face on the job.

The most common carpet repairs a technician will perform are stretching and patching. Patching is required when the carpet has sustained serious discoloration, burn damage or has torn from the subfloor. During patching, the technician will cut out the damaged piece and replace it with a piece from another part of the house. This is usually taken from the closet, where no one is likely to see the removed flooring. When setting the patch, technicians have industrial strength glue guns and specialized irons, making for a much tighter seal than any over-the-counter product can offer.

Stretching is another common service a professional will offer. This is usually needed when the carpeting was not installed properly and bunches up off the subfloor. During the stretching process, the professional will use a special device to exert an incredible amount of pressure on the bunched up carpet. This pushes it to the edges of the room, where the technician will secure it, preventing future problems. The full post can be read here

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